Merry Christmas from Warney’s Whip!

Recently I wrote a training article about letting the mistake happen.

DSC_0303It’s about teaching the horse to go alone, and not holding him up all the time.

In life, the same is true, and sometimes we need to fail in order to do better next time.

When a horse first starts his competition life, the first few tests are crucial, and it’s the moment when the rider may need to sacrifice the test accuracy, in order to teach the horse that just because it’s a test, doesn’t mean we will stop riding him.

If you are not always challenging yourself to go one step further, then you will end up always reaching the same point, and then staying there, stuck, never moving forward.

The limits we have, are the one we set or ourselves, and breaking our own limits is what makes us grow.

Typically when someone tells you “I know that”, or “I’ve done that”, it usually means I think I know that, and I can’t do that so I will pretend to you and myself that I can.

A person who says “I would love to learn more about that”, or “I am sure I can do that better”, is a person who understands that everything in life can be made better, and everything done in a different way, can give us a different learning experience, a different perspective.

Opening all the doors in your life takes practice, and sometimes we close something out without even realising it.

Christmas is always a time for reflection, for thinking on what we could have done, who we should be, who we should thank, who we want to sit beside and say cheers to.

It’s important not to be too harsh on ourselves, as the mistakes in our life are possibly what got us to where we are today, and for good and for bad they push us to something new.

Challenge yourself to be better, and risk that you might fail, admire those who try, and forget those who criticise.


Merry Christmas, love, and good wishes from Warney’s Whip… 2015 here we come!!DSC_0217


Mastering the mind…

20140617-183818-67098276.jpg We all have days where it feels like no matter how much the sun is shining, we just can’t see beyond the clouds.

Our mind lets us believe we are helpless, that we cannot be ok, and we let that thought come up louder than the others, we sink behind it, and can convince ourselves that that is true.

What if we could turn that thought around, and convince ourselves we are not helpless, in fact we are strong, and motivated, and the sun is shining, and will keep on shining.

What if the thought of helplessness, and failure, could be pushed off, in order to allow for the good thoughts to dominate.

This takes work, and patience, to understand what thoughts we want, and what ones we no longer need.

A wise woman told me about the work of Byron Katie and “THE WORK”; the 4 questions, about how to engage your logical brain to work out what it is you really want, or what really is.

10408111_10204776913283464_1057155813621524876_n-2If your mind says, I am not ok, I am lost, you must ask yourself…

  1. Is that true???
  2. Are you absolutely sure that’s true
  3. How would you feel if you didn’t have the thought that you are lost and not ok?(maybe you would just be you – calmly doing what you do knowing you are going to keep on going, and trying, and achieving.)
  4. Then turn that thought around- I am ok, I am where I am meant to be at this moment!Think of the possibilities now?

We spend so much of our lives adding baggage to our load, when our journey is much more easily travelled if we can master our mind and turn the thoughts from the impossible to the very possible.

My horse doesn’t need to train his mind, he knows that he wants carrots, and pats, and he will never tell himself he doesn’t deserve them, he always deserves them, he will always see them as his given right.

Start seeing the carrots in your life as a given right, and not something you need to earn by condemning yourself and your actions.

If you do something you’re not proud of, take the carrot and use it to do it better next time, but wasting your mind power on useless thoughts would be like Batialo stomping on his carrot, and sulking at the corner of his box… not likely to happen anytime soon!

Stand And Fight!

Everyone has hurdles that they have to overcome…That is life!

20140617-171337-62017289.jpgMy grandfather was my inspiration for many reasons, but in particular he never complained.

I remember when I was little, and he had lost his sight, and his knees had almost given out from underneath him, he never felt sorry for himself, and instead he would make the most of everything he faced.

One morning over breakfast he called to me to check what was in the plastic container in the fridge?

“Pea and ham soup” I answered…

Ah, ok, he said, as he continued to enjoy his weetbix, knowing that  instead of putting dried fruit on top he has mistakenly put pea and ham soup on top instead.

When I asked him how his breakfast was, the weetbix complete with milk, honey, and of course, the pea and ham soup, he answered, “Nice for a change!”

Some people feel sorry for themselves, and some people blame themselves, and others just decide to make their dream so big that people won’t know where to begin telling them how that can’t possibly come true 😉

I was reminded about our ability to push through last week when I had to prepare for a rather unfun medical exam.

I had to pretty much not eat for two days, and I found that the first day, when I had to just start to limit my intake, was much harder than the complete starve the day after.

On that first day, my body was saying, hey what’s up, I’m hungry, but by the second and third days, it had given up, and decided to just do its best to keep me going, except for the rather giant headache just to remind me I was being a shit.

This then made me think about horses, and training, and it became very obvious to me what happens when a horse is forced into discomfort.

Like humans, horses will react in the beginning, but if they are pulled into submission, and whipped into false lightness enough, they eventually surrender and become dead inside.

We have all seen it, horses that you can walk right up to, and look into their eyes, and see well, empty nothing staring back at you.

The rider will probably believe fully that his horse is just under his control, and he has taught it to do everything he asked, when in actual fact he has just suffocated the horse’s spirit, and now just manoeuvres a machine around a 20 by 40 square.

Some people say that you cannot keep the spirit and fun, and be a competitive rider, and I know that for a fact to be untrue.


Because at the recent dressage convention UK, I went right up to Mr Dressage himself (Valegro) in his stable, and I saw not only a spirited horse, but a very happy, inquisitive, and rather excited horse, that you could not help seeing just how proud he was to be him!

My point is, you can do it the right way, and while many people argue that my horse is out of control, the truth is he is still himself, and I am still myself, and somehow we must find a way to meet in the middle.

In life, we all have hurdles, and when people tell us to give up, we have to just aim that much higher, cause if they can’t choose between the impossibilities of your ambition, then you will know your dream is just big enough!

Tomorrow, if it’s raining, be glad it’s not snowing.

And if your weetbix are soggy, be happy that at least they are not drowned in pea and ham soup! 😉


Sometimes it’s the people we meet that change our view of the world!

20140617-183812-67092028.jpgMoving to the other side of the globe, alone, was not easy, and I was often asked the question “you’re here, living alone, all by yourself…why?”

Anyone who knows horses, stopped when I said, “My horse is here”, the non horse variety continued with…”And?” lol

Having my horses here made it easier, as it gave me an escape. When I’m on the horse, I don’t know where I am, what country, what culture, how hot or cold it is, I just know I’m with my horse, and that is a kind of home for me.”

When I leave the stable, I found it was the people I met, slowly, that made the other side of the world, seem not so far away.

Then there are the people you meet, that change you for the better, or perhaps make you learn something you didn’t know about yourself.

I found that my once “I am independent, and I don’t need anyone”, attitude, could actually find quite a lot of comfort in allowing myself to lean on someone else.

For a period, I was without a trainer, which was difficult, but when people asked who trained me, I told them the answer was obvious.

The person, to teach me the most about myself, is my horse.

My mum used to tell me that some people are connected to horses, and that she used to watch Nuno Oliveira, who was physically not exactly the model athlete, but when he got on a horse, it was magic.

I don’t assume to ever have that kind of talent, but I can sure strive for it everyday, by listening to what my horse is telling me, and trying my best to let him show me what he is made of!

To anyone who likes my classical articles, I have been told on many occasions now to put all my pieces together, with added extras, to create a book, “Classical Training From The Ground Up”

Please, if anyone knows a publisher who may be willing to support my dream, I would be so grateful, or even if anyone may be able to help in any way at all 🙂

Thanks so much Sarah Warne

Kickstarting Warney’s Whip!

What can I whip up to entertain readers?

I am a writer, it is my passion, and while my mind is full of the junk the world piles on us there are two ways for me to free myself from the chaos…

One is writing

The other is riding my horse

So this blog will be a mix, of writing about my horsey endeavors, to writing about the world.

20140617-203708-74228021.jpgMain sections will be…

Warney’s Whip: Articles on my training, and interviews with the world’s top riders/trainers/judges!

Warney’s Wisdom: What I’ve learnt in my travels about people, animals, people that act like animals, etc

Warney’s Wit?: well, at least I think I’m funny!

Determined to make you laugh, cry , scratch your head (hopefully the top one), but most of all i’ll make you think….

About your horse training, about your life, about how nuts I must be, about how nuts you must be, and hopefully leave you thinking….

I can’t wait to see what she blog’s next!

It won’t all be puppies and fairy floss! Having lived for more than ten years with depression I understand all too well the feeling of wanting to punch someones face in when they tell you to “just cheer up”!

If you haven’t been through something like that yourself, then perhaps my blog can help you better understand what NOT to do and say!

My first emotional story is my tale of despair, and will make you wonder about the power of the mind, and also the power of grief, loss and survival!

Anyone who tells you there are steps to grieving, are kidding themselves. There are no steps, only a never ending journey that we just get used to, but never get over.

580096_10150886715886299_977242449_nComing up….Interview with Rider of Fuego, and the truth behind how he ended up training with Jan Bemelmans???

Anky: dropping the reins to get back in the arena!
Training FLY CHANGES on a young horse!

Thought of the day…. You know it’s going to be a good one when you put your socks on the wrong feet and your shoes on inside out….

Anyway, off to my unicorn!

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