Equestrian Cyber Bullying…

3 thoughts on “Equestrian Cyber Bullying…

  1. I completely agree – it’s one thing to put yourself into a competition you aren’t really ready for but it’s quite another to do it when it involves a horse in discomfort. Maybe the rider really wasn’t aware of what she was doing or maybe she was just having a very bad day but either way I don’t think she should have gone, or been encouraged to go, into the ring on that occasion.

    And re: the photo you posted – I don’t think it looks bad at all! Yes, the horse is minutely behind the vertical but he looks happy, his tail is held nicely and there’s nothing to suggest that he isn’t comfortable.


  2. Bravo, Sarah! A well balanced address to the situation. We all fail if we do not look out for the horse. Like you, that is my barometer as to whether there is a problem. I also agree completely that putting yourself in the public view is opening the door to criticism … it is not only the way we safe guard the horse, but it is also the way we all learn – critic and object of criticism. We just need to keep it constructive, not destructive … and we need to hold the system accountable! Bravo, once again, for taking a constructive role!


  3. Well said ! I resent being labelled a keyboard warrior -and by extension, a bully- when all I want is for the rules to be respected ( ie the rider should have been disqualified the moment she took a hand off the reins to use the whip, and asked to leave the arena) and the horse’s welfare to be put FIRST. If the rider did not want to be seen , what was she doing at a public show ? Did she really expect no one would see the live stream ?


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