I will never be a good rider because…

I will never be a good rider because…

I am not fit enough, I have too many things to do, I haven’t got enough time or money, my horse isn’t good enough, I don’t have the right trainer, I am in too much pain, I’m overweight, I’m underweight, I am scared/tired/crazy/busy!

Every single one of us can think of at least one reason why we will never be a good rider. I have thought of many reasons, many times, and got frustrated with myself, and my ability.

Until you decide to do something about it, you can just keep on making excuses and stay happily in your comfort zone of “well I have a reason, so it just will never be”.

When I was 22 I broke both my hips. The pain of that experience has never left my mind.

When I began riding again, I would burn my back with hot water, because the hip pain was transferred to my back and if I numbed it I could get through.

When I was 27, I still believed, whole heartedly, that I would never be able to ride properly again. I would do sitting trot for one circle, and be almost in tears. It felt like knives going up my butt.

Finally I decided that I had to try everything, so that at least I could say that I had tried EVERYTHING!

I began with a treatment where they injected HEEL TRAUMEEL a German homeopathic relief into my hip, combined with strength training to build muscle in the area during the window where I couldn’t feel the inflammation.

Gradually I began to work with my body again. Even doing a single squat was a huge accomplishment, as in the past if I tried to move my hip at all I would feel tiny spasms of pain as the tendons fought to keep with the movement.

It took a great deal of mental power for me to do as the trainer asked me, and even when I began training with a person whom I trusted whole-heartedly, my fear would often get in the way.

In Portuguese they say “Lamentar uma dor passada,no presente, e criar outra dor e sofra novamente”, which translated means “Mourning a past pain in the present, is to create other pain and suffering again”.

My Training coach and I started “The Core Training For Equestrians” after I began to realise myself the importance of off the horse training. Not only did the pain gradually lesson, but I found that I was able to enjoy life again in new ways.

When I got the muscle back, I found the right Oesteopath who could help me adjust my body and  correct my posture in order for me to gain more trust in myself.

Finding the right help is tricky, and you need to find someone who not only believes in you, but also understands what your goal is all about.

Vanessa, my guru and Oesteo, is also a horse rider, and therefore understood my goal and also my stubborn disregard for any advice to stop riding!

Now, I have days where I don’t even remember my past pain. I feel like I have a new life again, because finally the thing that I love to do, I can enjoy!

I still have days where I’m a bit sore or stiff, but these days just remind me how far I have come, and how lucky I am.

My point is, you will always have a reason why you can’t be the best you can be on the horse, and the only person who can erase that excuse is you!!

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