Horseriding: A Passion that Cannot be Tamed!

Freezing cold, raining, tornado winds, and I watched as the local golfers battled it out in the wind.

horseriding2 (1)I thought “crazy”!

Then I realised that I was off to my horse to do exactly the same thing.

During school I would miss carnivals, and parties, and excursions, and the line “oh Sarah has another horse competition” was pretty well the norm, fused with an eye roll and a “oh not that again” sort of attitude.

In Australia they say “only a surfer knows the feeling” (…)

Everything we do in life is a mindset, and horse riders have a mindset that enables them the thrive in the silence between horse and rider.

In Australia they say “only a surfer knows the feeling”, I would say that what a rider feels is a powerful thing, and for some of us, the thing we will pursue for a lifetime.

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